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5 Most Common Reasons for iPhone Repair


Most people have a cell phone and when it comes to repair are looking for a reliable place to fix. For iPhones, there are a few common repairs we come across.

GadgetMates is an expert at fixing how to fix iPhone issues and sees many common themes when they perform any iPhone repair. Listed below are four reasons we see Apple users bring in their smartphone for repair in Las Vegas:


Battery Concerns

Batteries are a consumable item. With frequent use of your smartphone it is not uncommon for the strength of a charge and the overall capacity of your smartphones battery to degrade. If you’ve noticed a difference in battery performance we’ll be more than happy to assess if your battery is in need of servicing for a replacement iPhone battery.


Keep your phone out of extreme temperatures. Heat is more likely the issue than cold. Leaving a phone in a hot car is common situation that can cause issues.


Speaker / Button Repair

We stock most replacement speakers and replacement buttons for the most popular smartphone models. Sometimes they get stuck and stop working. When you have issues, could be issue to button malfunction or related to other issues.


Take care of your phones. Buttons are very durable, however, excessive damage can cause them to malfunction.


Camera Problems

Having trouble taking selfies? There’s generally two cameras on an iPhone. One is the front-facing and the other is the back camera. Both cameras can have issues resulting from cracks to the screen or back of the phone. Sometimes, the picture is fuzzy and requires replacement. Other times it’s related to another part of the phone not working correctly. Our technicians can diagnose the issue and determine the cause of the camera not functioning or replace the one or both of the cameras.


Normally we see damage to the cameras caused by drop impact. Accidents happen. Keep your phone in a good case and tempered glass to buffer the fall. 


Cracked iPhone Screen

Cracked Screen

The most common repair we encounter is consequently one we’re well versed in is LCD or screen replacement. Whether your phone has taken a fall from your pocket, broken back glass or housing, or taken a beating from years of use we’ve got the tools and the skills to repair your phone like new again.


Once again, keep your phone in a good case and add tempered glass as another safety layer. It's a small expense and will save you in the long run.

Water Damage

Water damage is the worst! No one wants to lose all their pictures and apps. It can be in the pool, shower, or a puddle. Most embarrassing is to drop in the toilet but hey it happens. When it does happen, make sure to keep the device off and bring it into your technician as soon as possible. Water and electronics are generally not made to work together, and repair is often very difficult and arduous process.


Make sure to remove your phone from your pocket before jumping in the pool. Also, make sure to stay off your phone when near the toilet. Believe it or not, it happens all the time.

The Best Answer

For all your smartphone repairs in Las Vegas, bring it into GadgetMates for high quality repairs. We’re experts in the and will do our best to get your phone back in working order as fast as we can. We also carry a wide range of accessories and new and used phones. Stop by and see us anytime!


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